Off to DL…

We’ve been busy preparing talks and posters for the Description Logics workshop 2011 in Barcelona, which will start on Wednesday 13th July. I’m really looking forward to meeting researchers from the DL community and to hearing some interesting talks! The workshop program is packed with talks and presentations, so I’m sure there will be plenty to discuss.

The Manchester group will be present with two posters (Samantha Bail, Bijan Parsia and Ulrike Sattler. ‘Extracting Finite Sets of Entailments from OWL Ontologies’ and Chiara Del Vescovo. The Modular Structure of an Ontology: Atomic Decomposition with Labels’) and two talks (Matthew Horridge, Samantha Bail, Bijan Parsia and Ulrike Sattler. ‘The Cognitive Complexity of OWL Justifications’ and Rafael S. Gonçalves, Bijan Parsia and Uli Sattler. ‘Analysing Multiple Versions of an Ontology: A Study of the NCI Thesaurus’).

I’m planning to write a short review of the workshop on this blog during / after my stay in Barcelona – the weather forecast looks pretty bad, so I presume I’ll have time in my hotel room to write quite a bit.