Minimize Me! Day 1.

Day 1 of the Minimize Me Madness. A healthy breakfast (not pictured) of a big (tiny) bowl (teacup) of porridge and a pot of Petit Filous is followed by a whole day of mini foods

The biggest tiny shopping I have ever done. Can you believe this cost me 45 pounds? How did I manage that!? Items purchased: mini cheddars, mini quorn sausage rolls, the tiniest tin of beans, a mini cheese selection, mini soup, mini ice cream, mini pots of hummous, mini bottles of wine and champagne (‘Freixenet – the magic of mini passion’), gherkins, button mushrooms, tiny cans of pop (the ones you get on flights!), cherry tomatoes, mini apples, mini samosas and onion bhajis, two very small courgettes, and a selection of mini biscuits (jammie dodgers, choc chip biscuits, chocolate digestives), a tiny pack of chocolate soy milk and a small carton of apple juice. 45 pounds well spent, right?

I already prepared the mini bread rolls and subs for my lunch yesterday, so I can enjoy my foot long (the foot of a 4 year old child) sub, the mini babybel and mini cheddars for lunch.

This is a mini cake fork.

Elevenses: my mini ‘I love NY’ mug full of coffee, made from a tiny little jar of instant coffee. It’s TINY.

Afternoon tea: a mini mug of tea and some mini cupcakes.

My amazing dinner. A jacket potato with mini beans (on a saucer), a shot glass of apple juice, and a lovely bowl of salad with cherry tomatoes and the teeny tiniest button mushrooms.

Mini dinner vs boyfriend dinner.

Mini ice cream for pudding!

Day 1 of project Minimize Me was a culinary success. I’m surprisingly un-hungry!