I genuinely enjoy giving conference talks and running workshops on topics like beginner’s tech skills, data analysis, and data engineering. In addition, I’ve been blogging for over a decade, used to run my own zine, and have been invited to write guest posts for other publications. If you’d like me to speak at your event in 2021, or would like me to write something, drop me an email!

You can also ☕ buy me a coffee ☕ to support my work creating and delivering workshops 🙂 I appreciate any support! buymeacoffee.com/sambail


Every once in a while, I hack together some smaller creative projects for fun… or start bigger things.

  • In 2023, I launched a series of non-alcoholic bar pop-up events in NYC called “Third Place Bar”. Sign up for our newsletter, check out our upcoming events, and follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop on what’s happening.
  • I started the “Blog Cast” podcast, a podcast that features my favorite tech blog posts, read out loud (so you can listen while going for a walk, doing chores…): https://anchor.fm/blog-cast
  • I hacked together the little Color Palette Bot, just because I really love generative art Twitter bots, and wanted to write some JavaScript: https://twitter.com/ColPaletteBot
  • A bunch of my friends contributed to “Quaranzine”, a multi-media zine I put together on Thanksgiving 2020 while many of us were home alone during the pandemic: https://quaranzine.glitch.me/
  • I taught myself how to use GarageBand and wrote and recorded a few quarantine inspired cover songs while being home alone during the lockdown in 2020: “iso trap” – A quarantine inspired cover album

Talks, workshops, writing

Here’s a sample of content I’ve created in recent years, along with links to recordings or slides, where available.