Pretty Green: A trip to Fletcher Moss

Last week was absolutely shocking. For the first time in almost a year the weather actually made me want to spend time outside. Park time! Since we all know that Platt Field’s park is an utterly useless waste of green spaces (ok, so that’s not true, since I consider all green spaces valuable. But don’t you think they could have come up with something slightly more appealing than a bit of grass, a half arsed rose garden and a concrete pond that constantly suffers from bizarre algae?), my task on Saturday was to find a nice park in south Manchester. Fog Lane park isn’t too exciting either, so there were Didsbury park and Fletcher Moss left to choose from (I know there’s quite a few more, but I didn’t feel that adventurous). I went for the one with the fancier name and ended up at Fletcher Moss, situated right behind the “Didsbury” pub (which was absolutely heaving – after all, it was derby day). How convenient.

And ooooh I love love loved it. I managed to secure the best spot by a little pond in some very pretty Japanese / botanical garden style bit after wandering round the vast fields and a wooden bridge like path. I even felt too warm in the sun to wear a cardigan. Happy times.

Which is your favourite park in Manchester?