Field trip: The Underground Tea (London)

My weekend activities? Well, there was a feminist march in Manchester, a geeky (un)conference in Cambridge, and a fancy afternoon tea at an underground restaurant in London. Hosted by a lady who goes by the name Ms Marmitelover, a small number of people gathered at a private house in north London to enjoy drinks, food and – sun! All top secret, semi-legal and home made.

There was a “psychic in the shed” (not my words) who told me some interesting things about my life. I had to choose tarot cards and picked “Death”. Oh.

The kitchen. Hardly visible in the back, giving instructions (and always wearing a timer round her neck): the lovely Ms Marmitelover – hostess, chef and underground restaurant legend. (I don’t know if she’s a legend, but she’s been doing it for 1 1/2 years now and she’s nice, so I think she deserves legend status).

In addition to tomato tart, blue cheese quiche, high heels biscuits, red velvet cake with raspberries, strawberry tart with custard, and tea infused vodka, we had this: rude biscuits, rose & chocolate marshmallows, Marmite cupcakes – absolutely delicious. I can’t wait for a pop up restaurant / supperclub / underground restaurant / youknowwhatimean to appear in Manchester!*

Until then, I suppose you have to make sure you book a place at one of the many supperclubs next time you go down to London!

* I’d totally do it, but that would mean entire meals consisting of dhal and broccoli, not too sure if that would go down too well with the foodies.