On a side note: Cardboard Kid’s arrival!

I recently* discovered my liking for things with button eyes – which is probably why the desk in my office (listen, people of Manchester! I’ve got an OFFICE. I’m a GROWN UP. Go me!) is occupied by button-eyed creatures of all sorts.

You can probably imagine how delighted I was when I discovered 365 Days of Cardboard Kid to give me my daily fix of button-eyedness: Cardboard Kid, the 2-dimensional cardboard-coloured and square looking anti-hero, who tends to get in quite dramatic situations sometimes.

I kept following the adventures of my new little cardboard friend with excitement – until last Friday, when the poor kid was involved in some sort of accident (my guess: pub fight…) and suffered severe injuries. I was more than just mildly upset, to say the least.

Fortunately, Gareth gave me the opportunity to look after the poor little fella and posted him to me, neatly wrapped in two envelopes. The other residents on my desk were rather excited about the new arrival and gave Cardboard Kid a warm welcome (only that lazy Rubix Cube couldn’t be bothered leaving his favourite spot in front of my screen). Updates on the kid’s way to recovery and his adventures with his new the button-eyed mates might follow (somewhere on Gareth’s website or facebook page).

If you think I’ve gone bonkers, you may or may not be right.

* Not quite true, I’ve been madly in love with Domo Kun for almost a decade now.