I heart MCR, Part 2.

Someone’s stolen our bikes. Last night (Saturday, 17th September) from our house in Withington, South Manchester (so they might still be in the area). If you see one of the bikes, please give me a shout (sam@mightaswell.co.uk), report them to the police (crime stoppers on 0800 555 111), steal it back or take a picture of whoever has it. They’re not worth much, but I’m generally not very fond of having my stuff nicked by scumbags, so it would be nice to have them back. Or cause someone pain. Or both.

Mine is a light blue Raleigh ladies road bike with a D-lock, an Edinburgh Bicycle co-op pump, and a big bell that says ‘Ring Me’.

Matt’s is an Edinburgh Bicycle Co-Op ‘Revolution Streetfinder’ bike in dark grey, like the one below.

I’m not surprised. Or disappointed. Just angry. Very, very angry.

What I find slightly more unsettling is the thought that someone must have been into our house/stairwell in the middle of the night to take the bikes, which were wedged in under the stairs and took me 10 minutes to get out last time. If people just used the copious amounts of criminal energy they seem to have for something productive, this country would be flourishing.

Update: Our landlord just told us that the door was actually broken into, at 3 in the afternoon. What a warm welcome, 2 weeks after moving in. I love Manchester.