Things I’ve lost on buses in Manchester

In the light of current events, I think I should start keeping track of things I’ve lost on buses in my 4 years in Manchester. In chronological order:

  • Student ID. Received email from finder and got it back. Magic Bus.
  • Bus pass. Handed in to the driver. Magic Bus.
  • Rail card in my favourite pouch. Gone forever. Stagecoach.
  • Added: My lunch bag. With some lovely home made bean soup. Gone forever. Stagecoach.
  • Bus pass. Handed in to the driver. Guys at Stagecoach depot know me by name now. Stagecoach.
  • Bus pass + student ID. Gone. Magic Bus.
  • Keys + bird whistle. Gone. Finglands.
  • and the latest addition: iPod nano + headphones. Handed in to the driver. Finglands.

Yeah, I know. I KNOW.

[Image cc-licensed by Kevin Boyd]