Happy Birthday, little man!

It’s been a while since I’ve written about life with our new lagomorphic housemate, so, in the light of current events – I just had a “aww look how awesome he is” chat with his soon-to-be pet sitter Lucy from Furry Feet Petcare – here’s an update of how Das Rabbit* is doing.

Previously on mightaswell:

As you may know, Geth moved in with us about a year and a half ago – and despite my worries about him destroying the flat and topping himself in the process, he quickly settled and accepted us as the people who bring him his food. After a short while, however, he developed a mysterious sneeze – I wrote about the first few months and the sneeze in a two part post on Dave’s blog.

In the meantime…

A lot has happened since the first 168 days of rabbit. A lot, and not much at the same time. After 7 months of several different antibiotics, both oral and as injections, two (two!) sinus endoscopies (that is, sticking a camera up the rabbit’s nose), two culture & sensitivity tests to grow bacteria, and an x-ray to see whether he’s got anything stuck up his nose (he didn’t, but the x-ray image looked pretty awesome!), and an astronomical vet bill (PEOPLE! GET. PET. INSURANCE.) the sneeze is still there. As the rabbit seems otherwise fit and has a healthy appetite, i.e. eats like a farmer (“aww, just like his mum!”), I’ve given up on doing anything about it. Meh.

On a more pleasant note, Geth has been quite a clever bunny who has learned a few things over the past year or so: He can now do a couple of tricks (hop over my leg and “spin” around himself), he’s overcome his fear of heights and learned to hop down the stairs in our flat (which means the bedroom is no longer safe from him), in the same instance he also figured out how to get on top of the dining table in order to sample the offerings of our fruit bowl, and he now knows that if he wants attention he just needs to flip his toilet bowl upside down. Winner.

One of the other things Geth is very good at is sleeping. Snoozing. Napping. Dozing. Catching z’s. Resting his eyes. And he is very creative in his choices of sleeping places around the flat. Some of these places include:

The window sill.

The book shelf. (He kept kicking out the books, so I gave in and declared the shelf rabbit zone.)

A suitcase under the bed. He blends in perfectly with the black suitcase. Camouflage bunny.

In the middle of the kitchen floor. Posing like a mini lion.

Under the coffee table.

Under the dining table. One day, he just started sitting on one of the chairs, so I put a cushion on it. It’s an official bunny zone now, including the “oh no that’s Geth’s chair” warnings for visitors. Yeah. I know. I am that woman now.

On the rug. This picture was taken after a particularly exhausting session of “destroy the box and spread hay all over the floor”. It’s a hard knock life.

Under the sofa, preferably after I’ve dropped a Big Issue down there for maximum shredding pleasure. See the guilty look on his little face? Yeah, me neither.

That should be enough rabbity catch up for now – but I’m sure you know there will be more rabbit posts soon. On that note: I don’t exactly know when his birthday is, but according to my estimates it’s “some time in autumn”. So:

My dear bunny friend, I wish you all the best for your 3rd birthday, may you be happy and healthy for many more years to come.

* Also known as Gethin, Geth, rabbit, rabs, rabtastico, bun, bunbun, buntzzz, bunster, “the original bunster”, chubster, sweet cheeks, sweetheart, mini-dude, duderino, du-du-duh-dude, mini-donkey, squirrel, sausage, and “NO!!”.