#manchestereats. Cause we’re hungry up North!

So, you know I do computery stuff for a day job.* And I genuinely enjoy doing computery stuff in my spare time, too. Long story short: I played with the Twitter API and jQuery and out came manchestereats.com – a site which does what you all love: Show pretty pictures of tasty food. Think Pinterest for food in Manchester. A very specific Pinterest. Some might even call it pointless. Oh, whatever. Go on the Twitters, tweet your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks with the hashtag #manchestereats (or #mcreats if you prefer it shorter), then go and drool over manchestereats.com.

 * Job = I get EPSRC money for writing hundreds of pages of text which no more than 3 people (examiner 1, examiner 2, and both supervisors to an approximated 50%) in the world will ever read, but hey ho.