brb science.

I’ve been busy doing groundbreaking research, training for the Manchester 10k run and playing with Gethin in the past couple of weeks, please excuse the lack of posts. Normal services will be resumed next week.

Here’s a few rabbit action shots to cheer you up. You know you want it.

Bunny likes to climb things. And people.

We tricked him into posing with some cherry blossoms for Easter cards by pretending they were tasty. He totally fell for it. Ha!

One day, his nosiness will get him into trouble.

Tug tug tug nip nip pull pull tug bite bite chew bite lick tug tug tug tug nip nip.

The fact that something is on the floor which usually isn’t on the floor gets the bunny madly excited. ‘Dude…it’s…it’s a backpack! On the FLOOR! How crazy is that, man?’

Is it just me or does he look like a guinea pig/horse/cat crossbreed sometimes?

Paws and slippers.

I sowed some cress in a plastic tub, as a present to him on Easter Sunday. He had a little nibble, probably just out of politeness, then went back to destroying our furniture. Ah well.