Neighborhood #2: Only in Levenshulme…

Continuing with my version of Urban Exploration (bus, cups of tea and charity shops rather than climbing, tunnels and building sites), I am going to explore Levenshulme next week! Helen* from Love Levenshulmeoffered to show me around on Sunday 24 October – and, us being all Web 2.0 and stuff, we’re going to crowd source our itinerary for the trip!

Send us to the cosiest cafes, the best bars, the fanciest shops and tastiest sandwich places. Or, if you’ve been thinking “GOSH that Sam person annoys the HELL out of me” for a while now, take the opportunity and direct me to the grubby grimey places and the dodgy pubs. All welcome. Email Helen your suggestions or pop over to Love Levenshulme and comment on the post. I’ll report back from our adventures after the 24th!

* Responsible for twitter gems like “Someone next door is either having really loud sex or currently giving birth. Probably both. Only in Levenshulme…”